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The San Juan River Quality Waters located below Navajo Dam are considered to be among the top three world-class streams in the West. The constant year round 45 degree temperature of the water in the river has created a four season fishery unequaled in the country. This means a fantastic trophy trout fishing experience for you! Combine this with the year-round fishing action for bass, pike and carp on Navajo Lake and you have one of the best fisheries in the US!

 The San Juan River

San Juan River Rainbow Trout, New Mexico"Over 80,000 trout in 4.25 miles" is a bold but true claim for the San Juan River below the Navajo Dam! There are few rivers in the world where you can catch trophy trout year-round on a fly. Over the last decade the San Juan River in New Mexico has become famous for its large number of selective rainbow trout, cutbow trout and brown trout which average 17 inches, yet we catch monster trout exceeding this average on a daily basis.

The large size and population of these trout is in partly due to the consistent 45 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of the tailwater stays regardless of the season.  So the bugs keep hatching, and trout keep feeding.  In fact, we've seen blizzard hatches and bobbing trout heads in January on the San Juan.  The plain truth is the San Juan fishes great 12 months out of the year whether you are floating or wading with us.

San Juan River Fly Fishing in New MexicoNew Mexico's San Juan River has come to be known as one of the top five fly fishing rivers in the nation. The San Juan River is also known for its picturesque views of red and brown New Mexico bluffs that the river winds through. In fact, the area is so beautiful that we take out many clients who have no interest in fishing and just want to experience the soul soothing serene and majestic beauty of the San Juan River!

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 Navajo Lake

Navajo Lake Fishing in New MexicoWe also have experienced guides that fish Navajo Lake, a reservoir located in San Juan County and Rio Arriba County in northwestern New Mexico. Water is impounded in Navajo Lake by the earth- and rock-filled Navajo Dam, 3,800 feet (1,200 m) long and 400 feet (120 m) high, completed in 1962. The 15,600-acre (63 km2) lake is over 25 miles (40 km) long and lies at an elevation of up to 6,085 feet (1,855 m).

Two shoreline areas near the dam in New Mexico are part of the Navajo Lake State Park, featuring over 200 camping and picnic sites, and two improved boat ramps and a marina. The river shorelines below the dam are also part of the state park, as well as a BLM Recreation Area. The lake is an excellent destination for camping and fishing for Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Pike, and Carp.

Our guides know the nooks and crannies of Navajo Lake like the back of their hands. Even experienced fisherman from the area who take a trip with our guides rave about the secret spots and techniques they learn!

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