What Fish Will You Catch?

Resolution Guide Service is a unique fishing charter service that can target a diverse range of fish species with amazing accuracy. Whether it be a Trophy Trout Fly Fishing excursion during a worm hatch on the San Juan River or a day on Navajo Lake catching Pike, Bass and Carp from our 225hp lake boats, our guides spend most of their days on the water and know where and how to put you on the fish!

 San Juan River Cutbow Trout

Cutbow Trout on the San Juan River in New MexicoA Cutbow Trout is simply a fertile hybrid between a rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and a cutthroat trout (O. clarki). While cutbow hybrids may occur naturally, most native populations of rainbows and cutthroats were separated by geography or habitat until humans began the introduction of both species across habitats.
The Cutbow is one of the most colorful Trout species, exhibiting the beautiful body of a Rainbow Trout and bright gill colorings of the Cutthroat Trout. Cutbows are a hybrid species which puts them up higher on the evolutionary chain, meaning they will give you a fight to remember! Hooking up to a Cutbow Trout on the San Juan River is nothing more than amazing as you reel in one of these beautiful fish.