What Fish Will You Catch?

Resolution Guide Service is a unique fishing charter service that can target a diverse range of fish species with amazing accuracy. Whether it be a Trophy Trout Fly Fishing excursion during a worm hatch on the San Juan River or a day on Navajo Lake catching Pike, Bass and Carp from our 225hp lake boats, our guides spend most of their days on the water and know where and how to put you on the fish!

 Navajo Lake Pike Fishing

Navajo Lake, New Mexico Great Northern PikeThis toothy critter is my favorite fish on Navajo Lake to catch on a fly! I can't think of anything better then a fish trying to take the rod out of your hands on the strike. 6-8" bunny's are my main fly of choice for the big pike but they will take top water (mouse patterns) in the summer as well. I have developed a few techniques for them that work well most of the time. The main way to find the pike on Navajo Lake is to work the windward sides of rocky points, I also have a technique for teasing them up that you have to see to believe. I got lots of pike in the 4-10# class last summer and hooked or moved a few much bigger than that to date our best pike was 18# taken on a bunny in April '04!  Best time for the pike last year was April 15th- October With April and early May prime for people looking to just pike fish. I will gladly take people out just for pike it's a great way to spend a day, it is however a long hard day of fishing (well worth it if you hit a hog though) but most days we hit 5-6 spots off and on as a break from the bass action. There is also a high chance that you'll loose a bug or two to pike every day as your fishing for bass w/o wire leaders.